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Hexagram iMatch is a powerful reconciliation engine that combines preprocessing automation with intelligent rule building to match & reconcile records

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Simplifying Reconciling

iMatch, our audit friendly recon robot automates the entire lifecycle of complex, enterprise wide reconciliation requirements involving structured & unstructured data


Key Highlights of the Product

Auto Reconciliation

Enables better audit tracking, eliminating typical spreadsheet based reconciliations that are prone to errors

Operational Efficiency

Reduces revenue leakages and measures service provider deliverables. A streamlined process that increases operational efficiency by over 33%.

Fast Processing

Machine learning provides for continuous improvement of automation percentage with high throughput and faster processing even for large volumes.

Manage your Risk, while we Manage the Rest

We would like to walk the future with you. Staying one step ahead means that we can provide safer systems that help you manage risk without worrying about peripheral issues. Equipped with learnings from the past, our user community's knowledge and foresight of future trends, our BFSI product mPower is here to serve your business better


Key highlights of the product

Enterprice (E2E)

Our flagship investment management product that comprehensively covers all your front-to-back office needs. Designed to double operational efficiency, mPower Enterprise’s Front Office, Mid Office and Back Office activities are functionally segregated to provide adequate checks and balances

Front Office (FoS)

mPower Front Office supports decision making, trade origination and trade flow confirmation with pre-trade compliance seamlessly weaved through the trade flow. A scenario analyzer also verifies the impact of trades on compliance and exposure. Producing portfolio metrics is a key strength of mPower Front Office.

Back Office (BoS)

mPower Back Office receives trades from various origination points and houses them. The product performs ‘allowed’ trade adjustments and also fulfills any period end audit observations. Accounting, valuations & income, as well as post-trade are automated with mPower Back Office.


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Automates over 90% of the
reconciliation process


Increases operational
efficiency by over 33%


Achieves 90% auto-matching through machine learning


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Industry Agnostic

A flexible product that caters to multiple types of reconciliations such as Bank Reconciliation, Collection Account Reconciliation, Cash Reconciliation, Event-based Reconciliation, Claims and more.

Efficient Reporting

Across the board view of reconciliation performances across different sub groups & a comprehensive trend analysis to evaluate reconciliation activity, transaction logs and rule effectiveness.

Dynamic & Dependable

iMatch evolves with the changing business operations through in-built, user-defined rule engine that uses data driven learnings. Ensures reconciliation is 90% automated and non-intrusive.

Intelligent File Sense

Efficient File Sense Technology that enables easy file uploading to auto-sense and absorb by our system.

Manual Reconciliation

A Reconciliation Breaks bucket that provides quick insight into data anomalies and enables speedy resolution through its own set of rule logics, filters, grouping criteria and quick search options.

Exception Processing

Allows a maker-checker workflow to execute force match transactions, with all due diligence. The system highlights any variance amount and once matched, helps specify its impact on accounting transactions.

Curated Control Centre

Draws attention to critical business events in the reconciliation life cycle. Provides alerts on data arrival, reconciliation status across source pairs and approval notifications. Also tracks account variances, reconciliation process variability, status, deadlines and metrics on a real time basis.

Automated Reconciliation

Automated Processing engine - the core of iMatch that performs four-way reconciliation to cover the entire transaction life cycle. Easily defines match rules for various data sets and machine learning algorithms to provide close to 90% matching over time.


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ABC Company saves 50% something using mPower

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ABC Company saves 50% something using mPower

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Hendrerit gravida rhoncus vel a elit laoreet.

Learn more

ABC Company saves 50% something using mPower

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Hendrerit gravida rhoncus vel a elit laoreet.

Learn more


Built for the Indian investment community

Mutual Funds


Asset Management


If you have some question you might
have in your mind

If you have some question you might have in your mind

When Does the workshop start?

The workshop will start on Monday, 5th April and will end on Saturday, 10th April

Will the workshop be live or pre-recorded?

The workshop will be a mix of both, everyday 24 hours prior to the live session you’ll receive the pre-recorded video for that session, the cosmic summit will be live as well, and all the live sessions will take place on zoom.

What’s the curriculum for the workshop?

The topics covered in the workshop are:
1) Decision Making - We help you understand and make the right decisions in the right time to make the best out of every opportunity and situation.

2) Money Management - Earning and managing money are two different concepts, the concepts which can decide how a person leads their life. We help you understand the right ways to manage and invest your money.

3) Understanding Career Paths - It is necessary to do a thorough evaluation and understanding of the career path that you are going to choose. We help you gain the perspective to analyse and evaluate career options in an unbiased way to discover the true opportunities and potential.

4) Growth Mindset -  Having the right mindset is of utmost importance to reach great heights in one’s career. We at Teen Hive help them build the necessary mindset for growth. Why? Because it is our thoughts that are reflected in our actions.

What’s the process after I pay for the workshop?

Once you pay for the workshop you’ll receive an email with all the details and further steps, if you have paid for the workshop and haven’t received any email, please contact us at support@teenhive.in

What are timings for the workshop?

Everyday you will get a recorded video before 11am that you can watch anytime you want throughout the day. Live sessions everyday would be at 7-8pm with an exception of Saturday, Saturday, the live session would go on from 7-10pm

Is this workshop for parents or for teenagers?

For the first introductory session, parents are suggested to accompany the students, after that only the students need to attend all the sessions, parents are also invited to attend the cosmic summit.

Would there be any certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate once you complete the workshop.

Does this workshop still be useful if I am wondering why to think about my career, it's too early?

Yes, as this workshop is not just about career and professional skills, it majorly about learning things that are necessary for everyone to be prepared for the real world and excel in whatever career path they choose.

Lets Simplify the whole process,
just schedule a call with us

Lets Simplify the whole process, just schedule a call with us

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